Jack Keown has been the owner and operator of Strom Funeral Home in McCormick, South Carolina, for over 55 years.  A life-long resident of McCormick, he attended Furman University and is a Licensed Funeral Director.  He has two children: Chad and Mandi.


At Strom Funeral Home, we approach every client with a focus on integrity and understanding. We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective solutions for the families we serve.

Above: Jack with his granddaughter, Haley.  Below:  The Keown Family in 1982.

Chad Keown

Funeral Director :: Chad is a graduate of Lander University and is a Licensed Funeral Director.  He and his wife, Ashley, have one daughter (Haley) and reside in McCormick.


About Us

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Strom Funeral Home :: Past & Present

Mandi Keown Peebles

Marketing Director :: A graduate of the College of Charleston, Mandi works full-time for a sports hospitality company in Augusta, Georgia, where she resides with her husband, Scott.

Family Owned for Over 80 Years

Strom Funeral Home is a family owned business of three generations serving McCormick County for over eighty years.

Established as a combination furniture store and funeral service, Strom Funeral Home originally provided ambulance service for the medical needs of McCormick County citizens as well as providing funeral services at the time of a death.

Founded by James Samson Strom in the early 1930's it still carries the original name of Strom Funeral Home.  At the time of his death the business was purchased by his employee, James Keown who added a partner, Charles Pennell who continued until each of their deaths and then began operating by James Keown's twin sons until the early 1970's when Jack Keown became sole owner.  The funeral home continues to be served by Jack Keown and his son, Chad Keown.

Today, the funeral home provides funeral service to families at the time of need as well as families who wish to preplan for the future at today's cost.